Sandra Greaves

Winner of SCBWI's Undiscovered Voices 2012

The official website for Sandra Greaves, author of The Skull in the Wood , a contemporary ghost story set on Dartmoor for 10+ readers.

Scary, scary, scary!

Some excerpts from the pens of the fabulously creative (and gory-minded) pupils of Calstock and Stoke Climsland schools in Cornwall. Well done all of you - what terrific writers you are!

Here's a really cool bit from Max at Calstock:
"Matt in his spare time was a successful drummer and was self-taught. He made his move. The drumsticks in his ripped jeans - they weren't ripped for style. He brought them out in front of him like samurai swords...."

And a very strange but marvellous opening from Lola
"It was a windy day at the Tombstone. Daisy the cow was in the kitchen doing some baking. After she finished, she put her blue pom-pom hat on and went down to the garage to sharpen her knives. When she had finished, she had started walking back towards the house when she saw something in the snow. It was a deer skull.."

Martha's writing is stunning.
"The more I looked, the more I understood what it was. It was razor-sharp like a surgical instrument. Instead of ink, it had blood. Lots of blood. It was a murder weapon for sure..."

Here's a tense introduction from Jack at Stoke Climsland - really good.
"Lucas ran. He ran through the grey forest, his small jumper slowing him down. The sweat on his forehead was wiped away as he skidded to a halt. The old abandoned house standing up with its graveyard. The temptation was too high. He had to look in the old house."

And a frightening plot from Nathan at Stoke Climsland.
"He saw a box. What was it? He went over to it and opened it up. It wasn't heavy so it wasn't money, but it was a cobra skull with the body and the heart was still beating."

Eirinn from Stoke Climsland had some great dialogue, plus this gruesome description
"She knew it had to be a human skull, it was fresh because there was blood, flesh, teeth and gums. As she got closer she saw that the holes where the eyes go were twice the size of her thumb."

Congratulations too to Scarlett S for her story about Bonny in the graveyard, William R for his hospital ghost story, Mary B for her spooky tale about Lily in Callington Wood and Verity B for her prison story about Bethany.

More to come in another blog!


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