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Winner of SCBWI's Undiscovered Voices 2012

The official website for Sandra Greaves, author of The Skull in the Wood , a contemporary ghost story set on Dartmoor for 10+ readers.

More tales for winter nights

A few more of the great selection of ghost stories by pupils from Calstock and Stoke Climington schools in Cornwall. I wish I had space to publish them all, but in the end I've had to just select a few of my favourites. I can't believe how well you all write!

Robert B has a fantastic writing style.
"Alan cursed the fact that he was wearing his ripped jeans. It was tipping buckets of rain on him and the denim was itching him like mad. H e ran to find cover but the only place he could find was an abandoned steak house. It looked like no one had been it for years, but Alan didn't care, he just wanted to get dry."

Ellie B's intro to her story had me wanting to read on.
"The great scary ship stood in front of Zoe. The cloudy and foggy weather matched her mood.... The bullies had dared her to go on 'the ghost ship' and here she was. She took a deep breath and walked along the white and silver plank that led to the vast iron door."

I loved Ivy's mixture of scary and funny - very clever.
"It was foggy. Very foggy. She stopped in her tracks as she felt a shiver going down her spine as fast as lightning bolt being sent down a tree. Lilian was quiet. She was never quiet."

Ellathea, you are without doubt a writer. Wonderful stuff.
"This is not the weather for June. Ice cold hail empties the sky; in its viciousness we are forced to seek shelter in the timeworn, rickety cemetery. The longer we stay here the less time we have to live. The hound catches its breath as it picks up our scent; its warm rotting breath burns the backs of our necks."

Hattie P has a terrific, pacy style.
"His mind thought not to open it, his gut said open it."

Here's the beginning of Jacob L's imaginative ghost story set in an asylum
"He ran through the maze of hallways in the Asylum, dodging abandoned nursing trolleys, left right and centre."

And Jarvis has written a great and spooky elvish tale featuring an Infinity Bow.
"14-moon old Glendor and his best friend Grinor, 13 moons, silently crept along, looking for animals by moonlight."

And some great scene-setting from Tommy B
" He needed the money. He was told there was enough gold in there to cover a mountain! He day-dreamed of that gold when he heard a bone-chattering crunch under his feet."

Bluebell caught the essence of a nightmare really well
"I was sweating more than I ever have in my life. Why are the skulls staring at me? Why don;t they laugh at me any more? What has changed about me? I cried and cried. All of my friends, all of my family, gone. Dead."

And finally, James C wrote a five-chapter thriller with a real kick to it.
"Footsteps echoed in the darkness, something impaled itself through my stomach. A bullet. I stopped moving. I was done for!"

Congratulations too to Jess T, Reggie W, Tarik Y, Kizzie W and Zack T and to all those who haven't had a mention but still produced really engaging (and distinctly scary) stories. Now you can scare your friends or family through the long dark nights of winter!




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